About Jeffco Kids First

Jeffco Kids First

Jeffco Kids First is a community of parents, educators, and community members uniting for the common good of children. Jeffco Kids First has been fiercely advocating since July 2020 to ensure that all children have full time access to their classrooms. We believe that parents must be the primary educational decision makers for their children. We fight fiercely but with great integrity to ensure that unscientific and unfair pandemic burdens borne by our children are removed once and for all. Our children are not Covid-19 shields for our community. They are our legacy and our future. Advocating for children and teens is among the most noble causes of a community. We firmly resolve to always place Jeffco Kids First!


  • 2 Walks Of Hope at the admin building in July and August-media heavily involved
  • Parade of hope from admin to union to Jeffco health in December-media heavily involved (including a news helicopter)
  • Multiple local and national news stories airing on every local news station and one story on 60 national stations.
  • Multiple radio interviews. 2 interviews were the top viewed interview on KHOW’s FB page for a few weeks.
  • Meeting with Governor Polis after forming/joining an alliance with 9 other districts
  • Multiple email and video campaigns
  • Forming a relationship with BOE member
  • Meetings with Superintendent
  • Operation Teacher Microphone Project! This group and local businesses raised $2,000 to supply teachers with microphones that slip under their masks and help them project. We received amazing feedback about how much this helped students and teachers! We love our teachers!!
  • Representing large portions of public comment at BOE meetings.
  • A night for secondary students (separate night for parents) to express their concerns to BOE Member Susan Miller.
  • Training on how to help elementary readers at home.
  • Researching school safety and consulting with pediatricians
  • 100 of us signed up to substitute!
  • A place to grieve, connect and share!
  • Chips and Queso Pick-Me-Up for hundreds of Jeffco secondary students.
  • The fight to return secondary in January (we believe our efforts helped spare 2 additional weeks).
  • Athletics and extra curricular activities
  • Helping parents solve individual problems with schools
  • Advocating for removal of scientifically unnecessary 24-48 hour cleaning shutdowns.
  • Advocating for children to mix cohorts outside.
  • Meeting with Congressman Perlmutter to help eliminate quarantines-this fight continues!
  • Dr. Porter on 630 KHOW advocating for quarantines-top interview
  • Resolution petition (accomplished!)
  • Meeting with Senator Bennet staff:quarantines!
  • Organizing a peaceful protest for parent and guardian choice at JCPH. 750 participants!
  • Organizing a peaceful protest at JPS Admin building. 300 participants.
  • CORA efforts to expose overreach.
  • Promoting 3 high caliber Kids First/Parent Choice Board of Education candidates.
  • Continued support and a place to grieve!

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