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The Comstock 25

CORA Unveils Details of Comstock Hiring.

Night Out With The Candidates!

BOE Speech-Early Readers Good evening.Tonight I represent thousands of young JeffCo readers. As we all should know, 2/3 of Jeffco students did not meet state reading standards in 2019. Knowing this, Jeffco should be doing anything and everything, all hands on deck, to right this wrong. My expertise as an elementary teacher compels me to stand and speak for the students and parents of JeffCo who are dependent on our public schools for the education of children. I have taught hundreds of young children to read successfully. As the recipient of the Mile High Teacher award from the Mayor of Denver 💯 of my 1st graders learned to read on grade level and above for more than 1 year in a row. My diverse classroom consisted of black, white, Asian, Arabic, Indian and Polynesian students. English was a second language for many of my 6 and 7 year old students.…

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BOE Speech-Covid Testing We come before you tonight as members of a community that is deeply fractured. The past 18 months have shaken us all to our core, and we acknowledge that no decision made during this period has been easy. But we should also acknowledge that not every decision is being made in the best interest of children. Families are struggling. What began as whispers of hurt amongst struggling parents has grown to a roar. We are not a small minority. We are community members. We are educators. We are administrators. We are parents. We love our children. We advocate for them. And we are here tonight to tell you that we resent and wholly reject the narrative that we are anti-mask and anti-vax. We believe in a parent and guardian’s right to choose what is best for their whole child. We are only better together when we are…

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Board of Health Members of Jefferson County:

My name is Beth Parker, and I am the Co-Leader of Jeffco Unites: Kids First. To this point, I have only shared communication with Executive Director Comstock, but after listening in on the meeting last evening, I felt it was time to introduce myself to you.

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500 Community Member Sign To Get Candidates On Ballot On August 25th Jeffco Kids First organized a signing event to collect signatures for our School Board Candidates in order to get them on the ballot.  We’re grateful for the over 500 individuals that showed up to ensure that we can get our fantastic leaders on the Ballot. Learn More About Our Candidates For The Jeffco School Board District 1 – Jeff Wilhite District 2 – Theresa Shelton District 5 – Kathy Miks

Jeffco Kids First On The Radio : Email Shows Comstock Overreach Lindsay Datko on the Dan Caplis Show Beth Parker on the Ross Kaminsky Show

CORA Investigation